An animated short film for which I provided lighting and animation work, helping to craft a meaningful story.

December 2020

Demo reel showcasing lighting and animation work provided for the film.


As an animator for Strings, I worked to create believable and lifelike performances for the characters on screen. Building upon the blocking provided by other team members, I gathered reference material and meticulously translated my real-world performances into a digital form.

Furthermore, I also provided cleanup for a few other shots and engaged in weekly studio sessions to provide feedback and help improve the work of other shots in the film. Working closely with my fellow animators allowed us to achieve strong continuity between shots and a consistent style of motion between the various characters interacting with each other on screen. The final product in context can be viewed here.


In addition to providing character animation, I also lit, rendered, and composited several shots throughout. All lighting work was performed using the Arnold renderer, with special effects and compositing completed in Nuke.

Beyond lighting individual shots, I also worked closely with the editorial team to help develop a light rig that could be easily imported into the numerous scene files we worked with. By creating a master file that other lighting artists could reference, we enabled fixed lighting environments, such as the many static stage lights, to be rendered consistently across the whole project.